DIY clay bowls

Create these cool DIY clay bowls for all of mom’s jewellery this Mother’s Day!DIY project

Mom is special, so why not spoil her with these cool home-made clay bowls rather than buying her the same old cliché flowers or chocolates. Mom will surely appreciate the thought and time you put in to make this awesome DIY present for her! Not only are these little bowls functional but they are aesthetically pleasing and will upgrade your home décor.

DIY Materials needed:

• Oven bake clay/ polymer clay
• A variety of nail polish colours
• A disposable cup or bowl
• A toothpick
• Masking tape
• Wax paper
• Oven safe dish
• Oven
• Oven tray
• Baking paper

Step 1: First you need to make a clay bowl. To do that, start by rolling out the clay between sheets of wax paper until the clay is a uniform thickness of about 1cm. Use an oven safe bowl, such as a small Pyrex dish to shape the clay. Flip the bowl over and mould the clay to the bottom. Trim the clay to the height you want and smooth the edges. Really short bowls are excellent for rings while taller ones are good for your chunkier bangles and necklaces.

Step 2: Place the mould onto baking paper on a tray. Bake the clay in a regular kitchen oven at 130?C for 15 minutes and let it cool to room temperature before removing. Ease it off of the bowl base and tape off the area that you don’t want to dip.

DIY project step 1DIY step 2

Step 3: Fill a disposable cup or bowl with room temperature water. Then drip in nail polish. The first couple of drops should spread across the top of the water. If it doesn’t, check the temperature of your water and try again. Mix 2-3 colours and swirl them around with a toothpick.

Step 4: Dip your bowl into the nail polish mixture. Straight down into the polish works best. But you can roll it around in the water too if you want to cover more of the bowl.

DIY project step 3DIY step 4

DIY project step 5Step 5: Let the polish dry, remove the tape and let mom fill it with all her jewellery!

Compiled by Kayla Myburgh for Fix Shack’s Home Inspirations. Sources: Paper and Stitch and Wiki How

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