How to make a tyre ottoman

Home building ottmanMake your very own ottoman out of a tyre DIY style with these easy and simple steps!

Not only does this tyre ottoman have functional purposes such as a pouf to sit on but it also looks beautiful and will fit right into your home décor.

Materials needed:

• Tyre
• 6mm medium-density fibreboard (MDF) cut into two circles of 55cm in diameter
• Six 6mm screws
• 5m long natural sisal twisted cord of 10mm thickness
• A cloth
• Concentrated brush sealer

Tools needed:
• A drill ( see safety tips)
• Star screwdriver
• Hot glue gun with at least 6 tubes of glue
• Scissors
• Paint brush

Step 1: If the tyre is very dirty, first rinse it and allow it to dry completely otherwise just use a dry cloth to clean it before you start.

Step 2: Place one MDF on the tyre and drill three holes on the edge in three distant points, and make sure you drill deep enough so that it goes into the rubber. Place the screw into the hole and screw the MDF to your tyre tightly enough so that it won’t come off. Do the same to every hole and repeat these 2 steps on the opposite side of the tyre.

DIY step 1DIY step 2

Step 3: Start gluing the rope at the centre of the circle on your tyre, in order to obtain a really good finish. With the hot glue gun, apply the glue onto the MDF board and secure one end of sisal. Press the tip of the rope and go around in a snail shape. Remember to put enough glue before each round, press on it hard as hard as possible as you go to make it stick and remain tight.

Step 4: After you have finished covering the MDF with the rope, do the same on the side of your tyre. Go round putting enough glue, making it really tight and firm. Make sure that the end of the sisal from the board meets the beginning of the one on the edge. Turn the tyre upside down and continue covering it with a rope until you reach the edge of the MDF board.

DIY step 3DIY step 4

Step 5: Once the entire tyre is covered, cut the rope. Then apply the sealer to a paint brush and cover the entire sisal surface with it. Wait one hour before you add another coat. The sealer is ready to touch after just one day but the complete drying process takes roughly two weeks! And there you have it- a cool DIY tyre ottoman!

DIY step5DIY step 7

Safety tips:
• Always remember to wear thick protective gloves when handling power tools such a drill and when handling a hot glue gun.
• Wear safety googles to ensure that sawdust does not fly into your eyes while drilling.

Compiled by Kayla Myburgh for Home Inspirations. Source: Handimania

Photograph credits: Minha Casa

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