Add some life and colour to a room using flowers and candles

Finished DIY step by step Dremel vase 201517 February 2015: For a quick and easy way to liven up a room with flowers or tea lights, Dremel has come up with this simple step-by-step project for using recycled PET bottles to make vases and tea light holders.

Tools and materials required:
To make a plastic vase or tea light holderout of a recycled PET bottle you will need a Dremel 8100 multi tool, Dremel SC476 SpeedClic cutting wheels, a PET bottle, masking tape, and insulating or textile tape.
Step 1:
Step 1Dremel junior brand manager Taahir Sulimannotes: “To begin, choose at PET bottle that is suitable for the project and in good condition. Once you have chosen the bottle, remove the label using water and washing-up liquid. After the label has been removed and the bottle is dry, place masking tape around the bottle at the height where you intend to cut.”

Step 2:
Step 2Once the bottle has been marked, use the 8100 multi-tool and the SpeedClic SC476 cutting wheel to cut along the masking tape, making sure that the cut is straight and clean.

Step 3:
Step 3“After the bottle has been cut, remove the masking tape. Using the insulating or textile tape, carefully seal the cut edge and your vase or tea light holder is complete,” concludes Suliman.

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