DIY Easter egg Bunny holder

DIY with elleIt‘s that time of year again. Just as you’ve packed away your DIY pallet Christmas tree, it is now time to get creative for Easter.  How the time flies when you are having fun with DIY projects. This is an egg-celent craft project to involve your kids in and the rest of the family. It is extremely cost effective and can be used for Easter egg hunts or as Easter egg gift container.

There is a new hype called “upcycling”. Upcycling is different to recycling, as recyclingis the process to change items considered as waste into new products to prevent waste of potentially useful materials and reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials. Upcycling is described by some as reusing a material without degrading the quality and composition of the material for its next use. Upcycling is converting low-value materials into high-value products (much more desirable).
That is exactly what we are going to do; we are going to upcyclean empty 2 litre soft drink plastic bottle in to an adorable little bunny Easter egg holder.  Let’s get started.

Materials you will need:
* Empty 2 litre soft drink plastic bottle/s
* Black, red/pink permanent markersor pink/black paint
* Drop cloth/ or newspaper (to cover work station)
* Spray paint or craft paint (white)
* Sharp (heavy duty) scissors
* Optional-some string/twine
* Various sized Easter eggs

Step 1:  Cutting the plastic bottle
Get your scissors and carefully cut off the first third of the bottle, basically just below where the neck starts to the neck and lid, as that part of the bottle will not be needed. Next, measure and mark where you want the ears to start coming from the head and length of the “bunny” ears. Once you have marked the shape of the bunny face out on your cut plastic bottle and you are confident it will look like the outline of a bunny face, cut around your bunny shape.


step 1   step 3 step 4 
 Cut first third off  Draw bunny shape  Cut bunny out

Step 2: Spray paint the cut out bunny shape plastic bottle
Lay out some newspaper or drop sheet in a well ventilated area for spray painting the cut out plastic bottle. Here are some tips for spray painting.
1. Read the instructions on the can, it is always helpful, often missed and only takes a minute.
2. Remember to sweep don’t point the can on the item you spraying, to get a nice even coat of paint. Sweep horizontally or vertically past the object as you spray.
3. Rotate your object to reach all areas of the object you are spray painting.
4. Be sure to allow enough time for drying between coats of spray paint, depending on how many coats you need to cover your object. If you don’t allow a little drying time between coats you will end up with a lot of   wet spray paint layers that will just drip down your object.

Step 3: Start to draw your bunny face and ears
step 6Now you can set your inner artist free! Draw in the face of the bunny, if you desire big eyes, a small nose and huge bugs bunny front teeth, then go right ahead. Have fun and if you have any other craft bits and bobs lying around like a bow for a “girl” bunny or buttons as eyes feel creatively free to glue them where you wish.
Another cute tip is to grab some fluffy cotton wool from the bathroom cabinet and stick it on the back as the bunny’s tale!
For the pink centre parts of the bunny ears I just mixed some white and red paint and painted the inner ears pink.

Step 4: Attach the twine/string for a carry strap
This is optional if you would like to insert two opposite holes on either side of your bunny face and tie some twine/rope/string to make a nice strap to your bunny Easter egg holder, to place all those yummy chocolate eggs in and carry away after the Easter egg hunt.

Another great idea is to buy some cellophane and wrap your bunny Easter egg holder with the Easter chocolate eggs inside, secure ribbon or a bow and it makes a great DIY Easter egg gift for that special someone with an insanely sweet tooth!

Hop (no pun intended) on over to the shops and buy the Easter eggs on display and place them in your very clever “upcycled” plastic bottle bunny Easter egg holder! I can just imagine that now you have seen how easy it is to make, that you are completed egg-cited to make more!  
As I always say “if you can go DIY, then why not!”


-By Elle Franco for Home Inspirations

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