DIY vertical gold chain hanging garden by DIY with Elle

Complete A-02As a DIY enthusiast I can honestly say I do enjoy a little garden work, now and then too! This DIY project incorporates the gratifying feeling of creating something beautiful, followed by planting your favourite flowers or herbs in your creation afterwards. Two Birds with one stone…so to speak.

I present to you DIYwithElle’s Gold chain hanging vertical Garden.  DIY vertical gardens became a huge trend in 2015 and are here to stay in 2016. There are so many choices too, from using pallet wood to create vertical gardens, to recycling plastic cola bottles to place on a vertical platform.

But I wanted to create my own unique DIY vertical garden that looked a little more “posh” than cut up plastic bottles. I love the look of Gold for a more elegant look, and always make use of chains in many of my DIY projects.

This DIY project was a hit at all the major Home Expos throughout 2015 on the Builders stage, it is a great looking project and easy on the budget!

DIY project, let us move on to... how to DIY!


List of Supplies, Materials

1 x Builders Pride Threaded Metal Rod 10mm x 1m (Stainless steel option for no rust factor)Supplies

1 x Rust-oleum Metallic Gold

1 x Rust-oleum Rust stops Primer (For option of non stainless steel rod)

1 x Rust-oleum 2X Painters touch paint and Primer in Semi-Gloss White/Satin Fossil or 1 x Rust-oleum any other colour of your choice.

2 x Wall Plugs and 2x wall hooks

2.8mm x 4m of Gold twist link chain or Kraft Decorative Gold thick lamp chain (Optional choices, for this project we used 2.8mm gold twist link chain).

2 x 10mm End Bolts and 4 x normal mild steel 10mm bolts

1 x Pack of 32mm Jaguar key rings and 1 x Pack of 25mm Jaguar key rings

1 x tip 8mm (or 5mm) Ruwag centring pointed wood drill bit (best for drilling into plastic)

5 x Terracotta plastic pots (Either 10cm or 12.5cm pots or use a mix)

1 x Grip Bolt cutter for cutting the chains to length, this is optional. If you don’t have a Bolt cutter, take your chain measurements to Builders for length cutting of chains in store before purchase.

Tape measure, permanent marker, masking tape and a ruler.


Cordless hand drill


gStep 1gStep 1 bStep 1:

Because the main striking colour of this project is gold with the use of the gold chains- we need to match the metal rod, key rings, wall hooks and bolts to this gold palette. Lay out all the materials mentioned above on a small drop sheet in a well ventilated area/room. If you have opted for a plain metal rod please remember to use Rust-oleum rust stops primer before the metallic gold spray paint. If you have the stainless steel rod there is no need to prime with rust stops. You may also prime the bolts if you wish. Shake the metallic gold spray paint vigorously for a few minutes, before spraying place a protective mask over your mouth.

With light horizontal or vertical strokes holding the spray paint can approximately 30cm away from the objects to be sprayed cover in layers until the above mentioned materials are completely covered. Allow to dry.


Step 2:

gStep 2Now that your metal pieces are all the same gold colour after spray painting, lay out your rod on the floor and space out your plastic terracotta pots along the length of the rod for even spacing. For this project we spaced out 5 plastic terracotta pots, 2 x 12.5 cm pots with 3 smaller 10cm pots.

Take a measuring tape and measure out how long you would like each of the pots to hang from the rod. Take these measurements and cut (with a bolt cutter or take your measurements in to a Builders store to get the chains cut to length before purchase). Remember to cut two chains the same length, as there are 2 chain lengths that are holding the hanging pot on either side.

gStep 2 BFor this project a measurement of 28cm long are for the  smaller pots that will be hanging higher than the 2 bigger pots. A measurement of 60cm of chain length was taken for the 2 bigger pots to hang lower from the rod. You can decide on any chain lengths you wish, the best or different lengths of the pots that suite your home, wall space and style.

Get the chains cut to length, remember 2 exact chain lengths for either side of one pot. Example 2 x chain lengths- 28 cm long for 1 pot and 2 x chain lengths at 60cm long for 1 pot to hang from the rod. In this project we are hanging 5 pots, therefore 5 pairs of chain lengths need to be used.


Step 3:

gStep 3Measure the 2 holes on either side of the pot where the chains are to be attached. Get hold of your masking tape and stick it around the circumference of the pot just below the lip. Make a mark anywhere on the tape that will be where the one hole will be made. To make the second hole use measuring tape/ruler and hold it directly across the diameter of the pot and on the other side that is now in line with your first marking, make the second marking for the second hole. The two holes should be directly on either side of the pot. Continue to do the same with the other pots.

Load and secure your drill bit into your drill and drill over the markings you have just made on the pots. Please take care when using power tools and remember safety comes first, wear safety gloves and eyewear.


Step 4:

Step 4Now that holes have been made in each of the terracotta plastic pots, it is time to get creative with some colour! For this project we will make use of Rust-oleum metallic gold, white and satin fossil. You may choose any combination of colours your heart desires.  Spray your pots, for this project we are going to try go for an “ombre” effect.


Step 5:

gStep 5Attach the 32mm key rings to the holes of the pots, there will be some slight scratching of the spray paint as you try to get the key ring into the hole. To limit this stick some masking tape around the edge until the hole to protect the spray paint work, as you manoeuvre the key ring into the hole. Attached the smaller 25mm key rings on the end of the chains, also attach the end of the chains to the pots keyrings.


Step 6:

gstep 6Drill holes on your chosen wall for hanging your gold vertical garden; secure the wall hooks with the wall screws and wall hooks. 

Take your metal rod and place them on the hooks. Place two mild steel bolts on either end and wind/screw them around the rod until each of them lie either side of the wall hook, then tighten  this is to ensure the rod is secure on the wall hooks. See Image. Screw the end bolts on the two ends of the rod.

Continue moving the chains around until you are happy with the spacing. Now that your rod with chains and plastic pots are secure to the wall on the wall hooks, you can now plant your plants in the pots.

Pot some beautiful seedlings.

DIY Tip:

Cut some mutton cloth/weed guard material and place at the bottom of the small plastic pots. This is to aid the pot and plant to retain water, as being of a smaller size and vertically hanging they will lose more water than what can be retained for the plant.

Alternatively: You can spray paint the bottom size “drip trays” that fit the bottom of the plastic pots then grab some clear adhesive glue, and glue the centre to the bottom of the vertical pots so that it retains a good amount of water for the plant.

The DIY vertical gold chain hanging garden, is now complete. It is easy on the eye and brightens up any outside wall.

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