DIY Fathers day gift by DIY with Elle

fathers-day-giftAll gifts are great, but special gifts are ones that are handmade and built with love.

For Father’s day this year why not incorporate that handmade element with some DIY and gifts that all awesome Dad’s will enjoy and use.

If your Dad loves a great braai and a couple of “cold ones”, make him this DIY “Bottle cap opener & Braai utensil wooden plaque to proudly hang and use outside near the braai area for when friends and family come visit. You also get to put a personalised message on this gift, that you have the BEST DAD around! Perfect, yes. Let’s get started.

All materials and tools can be found at Builders Warehouse and the Braai utensil and Bottle opener can be found at Pick n Pay.

Materials needed:

materials• Pre-laminated pine board shelf, 200mm x595mm and approximately 22mm thick ( this can be found in the shelving section of Builders)
• A dark gel stain- Woodoc gel stain in “Nebula” colour and an old rag to apply
• A clear wood sealant – Woodoc clear sealant
• 135mm diameter plastic Addis Pot cover- available in multiple colours
• Masking tape and old news paper
• Chalk Paint spray paint, in black by Spray Mate and white chalk
• Saw tooth hanger and two small wood screws to secure
• 2 x Wood screws (4.0 x 40mm or 50mm)
• 1 x Mach screw and nut Q:12 5x30mm

Accessories needed:

• Braai tong utensil
• Handheld bottle cap opener

Tools needed:

• Cordless power drill
• Wood drill bits (5mm size drill bit used)
• Driver bits to drive the selected 50mm wood screws
• Screw driver to secure saw tooth hanger

Step 1

Place the formation and layout of how you want the plastic pot “Bottle Cap catcher”, Braai utensil, Bottle opener and empty spaces for the Chalk paint squares to look for your end project. And check that all the objects fit on your chose wood plaque.

Step 2

stainStain the wood, using an old cloth or rag and the Gel Stain.
Apply the gel stain on to the rag and then wipe and work the gel into the wood piece.
Apply one coat, wait for the gel stain to dry and apply another coat. Once the stain is dry you may seal it with Woodoc clear wood sealer and wait to dry before continuing to the next step.

Step 3

Again place the formation of the materials and objects on to the now stained wood piece and make markings where you want to secure the screw “hooks” and “Bottle cap” pot to the wood board.

Step 4

Attach the plastic pot to the bottom of the wood piece, by drilling a hole into the plastic pot and the wood piece itself where you made a mark. Load your drill chuck with a 5mm wood drill bit and secure. Now drill a hole into the plastic pot. Please always safety comes first make use of protective eye wear and gloves.

TIP- Wood drill bits are the best drill bits for drilling holes into plastic materials.

Use the same drill bit to drill a hole into the marking on the wood piece. Remember always to place a scrap piece of wood under the material that you are drill to protect the surface on which you are drilling should you drill too far.

Step 5

Attach the objects to the wood board.

Line up the hole of the plastic pot and the hole in the wood piece and secure the pot to the board using the Mach screw bolt and nut, tighten the nut at the back of the wood board.

attachScrew in the two 50mm long wood screws to act as the hooks for the Braai utensil and the bottle opener. Use the correct driver bits that match and fit the head of the screws. Secure the driver bit into the chuck of your drill and place the screws on the marking and gently screw in the screws making sure the pointed ends of the crews don’t stick out the back of the board. Safety comes first make use of protective eye wear and gloves when using a power tool.

Step 6

Attach and secure your saw tooth hanger to the middle top end of the back of the wood board. You can do so using small wood screws no longer than the thickness of the board (22mm). Drive in the screws holding the saw tooth hanger to the board either using the correct driver bit inserted in your drill or by using a screw driver.

Step 7

Place your accessories and objects on the board as they would hang once the board is placed on a wall and now take your masking tape and square off the parts and empty spaces of the board for the spray can chalk paint. Also mask off a front section of the plastic pot.

Once you are happy with the size and placement of the chalk paint squares, take some old news paper and masking tape and cover all the other sections of the wood board and pot as to only spay the sections marked and left open. At this step, for easier application you may remove the plastic pot from the wood board and re-attach it once sprayed.

Go outside and or use a well ventilated room, another option is to secure a face mask to help not breath in the fumes of the spray paint. Protect the surface you are spray painting on by using a drop sheet, old newspaper or a bin bag.

braaiShake the can well and hold the spray can 30 cm away from object and spray your marked off spaces until well covered. Allow for drying between coats. For this project 2 x coats of spray paint was applied.

Step 8

Once fully dried, remove the masking tape and news paper, re-attach the pot to the board and hand the accessories on the wood board “screw hooks”.

Take some white chalk and write your own message on this DIY Fathers day gift. Wrap and give the gift to your awesome Dad on Fathers day and he will enjoy it at every home braai.

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