Prep your walls for painting

Home building wallsWhy is it important to prepare walls before painting?

All surfaces require a certain amount of surface preparation, if this is not done properly the end result could be the failure of the complete finishing system.

As a painting contracting company a large proportion (up to 50%) of our efforts are in the preparation of the surface. This will result in a sound and professional appearance.

When obtaining a quote for a painting job always make sure that the contractor has a good preparation policy.

How to prepare the walls for painting

In order to paint a wall, it needs to be clean, dry and free from imperfections. If the wall has been painted a number of times and there are runs or drips on the old surface, it may need to be sanded down to obtain a smooth finish. Depending upon the condition, you may be able to simply go over rough areas with a piece of sandpaper or a sanding block, then remove the dust with a clean tack rag.

Prepare you walls

Once the surface is smooth, inspect the wall for any cracks, holes or other surface imperfections that needs to be repaired.

Small holes and cracks can be filled with spackling. Apply a small amount in and over the hole with a putty knife and smooth carefully, feathering the putty out in all directions as you move away from the hole. Allow the hole to dry before continuing and if necessary, sand and fill the hole a second time. Once the filler is completely dry, sand the surface smooth.

Home building crack filler

Larger cracks or missing areas of plaster will need to be repaired with patch plaster.

Wipe the walls down with a damp cloth to remove any dust from the surface. For a neat finish remove all lug covers, light switch covers and window coverings before you begin.

Prepare your room by removing as much furniture as you can, what you can’t remove put into the centre of the room and cover with a drop sheet.

If you are painting a plastered wall that has never been painted before you need to apply a primer to the wall before painting. Likewise if you are painting a previously painted surface you need to prime any areas that were patched in your preparation work.

Written by Versus Paint.

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