There was a time when the term eco-friendly evoked images of bland, boring and blah materials. Thankfully, that is not the case today. South Africa’s largest natural flooring manufacturer, Rebtex, has stepped up to the flooring market with a pile of design flexibility showcasing an elegant range of weave and colour choices. Environmentally conscious consumers are looking to incorporate more natural elements in a stylish way when updating their décor.
Gone are the days when grey was considered too dull for interiors, this colour remains on-trend internationally and is now making inroads locally.

The return of vinyl

27 January 2014, Johannesburg: Of late, there has been a massive resurgence of vinyl – and no, we are not talking about records, but about vinyl flooring. A synthetic counterpart of linoleum, vinyl flooring is water- and stain-resistant, versatile and durable, and has become a major flooring trendsetter, especially in wet areas in the home.