On-Trend Flooring Facts

Bound Jute Rug EditedThere was a time when the term eco-friendly evoked images of bland, boring and blah materials. Thankfully, that is not the case today. South Africa’s largest natural flooring manufacturer, Rebtex, has stepped up to the flooring market with a pile of design flexibility showcasing an elegant range of weave and colour choices. Environmentally conscious consumers are looking to incorporate more natural elements in a stylish way when updating their décor.

The establishment of Green Building regulations worldwide and the focus on Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is leading to an increase in the number of flooring products that are chosen for their sustainability criteria.”

CrucialTrading EditedFor over a century sisal fibre has empirically proved its durability and strength in many applications from cordage to abrasives. Despite the introduction of synthetics, the popular demand for sisal fibre production continues to grow. Harvested through a process that uses no pesticides or chemical fertilizers Rebtex products are at the forefront of popular eco-flooring solutions. The sisal products produced at Rebtex have the advantage of being more stain resistant than their competitors due to the in-house Rebtex Fibre guard process. This protective coating is incorporated into all Rebtex natural flooring products.

When designers, architects and homeowners choose a flooring product these days, the product’s health impacts, its ability to provide thermal comfort and its aesthetic beauty are being considered as much as its eco-friendliness.

The versatile, long lasting and affordable sisal carpets give an updated, fresh look to any space. From the beach house to the boardroom be part of the global green – friendly trend and lay flooring with a fashionable yet functional future.  

Sisal Snippets:
•    Sisal actually absorbs the humidity on hot summer days, which helps to cool a room.
•    Sisal possesses natural anti-static properties, and does not trap dust, which makes it a good choice for people with allergies.
•    Sisal is the toughest of all natural fibres and works great in high traffic areas