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OvenBigger and even more versatile – Miele’s new DGC 6660 XXL combination steam oven offers a broad range of uses. It will be available on local shores from September 2014 onwards.

Combination steam ovens have, over the years, earned a well-deserved reputation for being the most versatile of all-rounders among cooking appliances – combining a fully-fledged oven and a steam oven into one single unit, and bringing together the best of both worlds.

Bigger is better

In the past, Miele offered three different integrated models in its range, which were all designed for a cabinetry niche with a height of 45cm. However, Miele’s soon-to-be-launched DGC 6660 XXL model now represents an entirely new unit designed to cater for the standard 60cm recess that, up until now, was traditionally occupied by a wall oven. Mercia de Jager from leading appliance manufacturer, Miele says: “This new XXL format should be taken at face value as it offers an interior with a huge 68-litre capacity. This allows the use of up to four rack levels, considerably extending the range of applications when compared other models on the market.”

Versatility is key

Miele’s combination steam ovens have always been prized by professional chefs and cooking forums the world over, says Mercia: “Their appeal lies in the broad range of cooking options that they offer.” All operating modes are available on the new XXL models, including Steam Cooking, combi cooking, Fan Plus, top and bottom heat, top heat, bottom heat, grill, economy grill, fan grilling, intensive bake, defrosting, reheating, bottling and blanching.

Alongside manual food preparation options, which allow humidity levels to be defined precisely by the user, this model also offers more than 200 automatic programmes, including low-temperature or slow cooking cycles. It is even possible to save favourite programmes, so you don’t have to reset the oven every time you bake your favourite dishes. A food probe is a standard feature, allowing meat to be cooked to a T by accurately monitoring its core temperature.

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Reduced cooking times

Mercia says that short heat-up times are sufficient to achieve excellent results in the “steam only” mode: “This mode embraces the principle of displacing oxygen in the cabinet with steam as fast as possible for gentle, wholesome cooking.” She notes that the DGC 6660 XXL excels in this discipline and is able to heat up to 100°C in a similar time than more compact models.

The secret to this achievement is the high-performance MultiSteam generator used by Miele, explains Mercia: “The user fills the tank concealed behind the motorised fascia panel. Water for cooking is drawn from the tank into the MultiSteam generator located at the rear of the appliance, where it is converted to steam and piped into the oven interior via eight inlet ports. The method of generating steam outside the inner cabinet offers the benefit of eliminating visible scaling. MultiSteam is an exclusive feature of all Miele’s steam ovens and combination steam ovens.”

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Advanced features for the best results

SensorTronic Touch controls make the DGC 6660 XXL highly intuitive, says Mercia: “Now you can operate your kitchen appliances in the same way that you operate your smartphone – by touch!

The large combination steam oven comes replete with a multi-purpose tray, a combi rack, perforated containers for steam cooking, as well as a recipe book. You can customize the finish of the DGC 6660 XXL to match your kitchen cabinetry –it is available in CleanSteel, Brilliant White, Obsidian Black and Havana Brown.

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The DGC 6660 XXL combination steam oven from Miele retails for R69 999. Visit their website to find a retailer closest to you.

Compiled by Kayla Myburgh for Home Inspirations.

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