Redesigned aesthetics

Innovative functions and delicate looks for the modern kitchen

home inspirationsReal beauty is everlasting, but even the best design must keep up with the times. When tastes change, the time has come for an aesthetic renewal. This is why GROHE has not only redesigned the looks of its popular Essence kitchen faucet line but also enhanced it technologically. The fascination of Essence lies in its delicate silhouette, the perfectly integrated solid metal pull-out spray and the small 28 mm cartridge with temperature limiter - an exercise in modern understatement for today’s and tomorrow’s kitchen.

Organic touch for geometric forms

The shape of Essence combines concentric cylinders in soft lines. The gentle transitions of the different diameters add an emotional touch to the purist design and make the faucet a new favourite with cult potential. Whether it comes with a U-shaped swivel spout or with a rinse spray in a straight L-shaped spout – Essence’s proportions are always perfectly balanced.

The redesigned Essence is taller and slimmer for much enhanced comfort. A spout height of 292 millimetres means more freedom of movement and even greater flexibility. Sitting conveniently on the side, the lever is particularly comfortable and easy to operate.  

Compact cartridge makes big difference

kitchen mixerOne of the most important innovations is the 28 mm cartridge. It not only allows designing a particularly delicate faucet body combined with highly precise water control. The new cartridge also comes with a special technical feature in the form of a temperature limiter, which can be adjusted manually to set an upper temperature limit. This feature not only protects the user from scalding but also helps saving energy.

Another innovative function of Essence is the state-of-the-art solid metal pull-out spray which has been discreetly integrated into the overall design. It features an ergonomically positioned switch, which allows the normal water flow to be changed into a powerful spray. Made from robust metal, the rinse spray offers long-lasting functionality perfect for use in a busy kitchen. Essence is alternatively available with a U-shaped swivel spout. Both models come in dazzling chrome or particularly resistant matte SuperSteel.

Modern looks meet innovative functionality in the Essence kitchen faucets from GROHE.


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