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iPort home automationCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

Electronic gadgets have been charged by all manner of means over the years, from the old two-pin plug method to wind-up emergency power sources. However, those involved with developing charging technologies are beginning to take things a little further, producing revolutionary home chargers to make your life a whole lot easier.


LaunchPort allows for wireless Apple iPad, iPad mini and iPod touch charging anywhere, at any given time, without cables or conductive elements. Integrating seamlessly into your home environment, this product is the world’s first inductive charging mount using induction as a means of instant charging.

The system consists of an iPad sleeve and either a BaseStation or a WallStation, placed anywhere in your home. Simply slide your iPad into its protective sleeve and mount it onto the tabletop BaseStation charging unit for typing, tapping or reading a recipe while you cook. Or, mount it onto the discreet WallStation charging unit on any of your home’s walls to turn your iPad into a home automation center, a photograph gallery or a base for video conferencing.

Launchport1 home automationLaunchport2 home automationLaunchport3 home automation

For more information, see iLED LaunchPort.


iPort is an in-wall docking system for your iPod or iPod touch. Not only does it charge the device, it also allows you to add a soundtrack to your life wherever you may be. iPort integrates your portable music player into your existing entertainment system; it facilitates two-way communication between audio or video control devices, allowing you to view your music and video playlist information on any compatible control system; and it enables IR remote control of your iPod.

iPort 3 home automationiPort home automationiPort 2 home automation

For more information, see iLED iPort.

Marantz Consolette Premium Speaker Dock

The Marantz Consolette Premium Speaker Dock reproduces sound with exceptional precision and fidelity. It allows you to stream your music wirelessly, or with cables, from your mobile device, PC, Mac or network-attached storage device. It houses six internet radio presets if your iDevice or smartphone is unavailable. It’s free app lets you control the dock’s wide range of digital audio features. AND it charges your iPod, iPhone or iPad.

Consolette 2 home automationConsolette 360 Grad home automation

For more information, see HFX Systems' Marantz Consolette Premium Speaker Dock.


iDock, an in-wall motorized iPad docking station, transforms any iPad or iPad mini into an in-wall control device, a video and audio streaming unit, or a digital signage system. Plus your iPad will always be charged while inserted into the iDock. The iDock can be mounted into any wall or table and you’ll still have complete control over your smart home system.

iDock home automationiDock 2 home automationiDock 3 home automation

For more information, see iLED iDock.


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