A super smart remote control

Smart Control 1 home improvementCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack’s Home Inspirations.

Here is an attractive, fast, accurate and super smart home appliance…

Samsung Electronics recently unveiled its latest Smart Control at CES 2014 in Las Vegas. The Smart Control is just like the Smart TV remote – but faster, more accurate, with better content selection and an attractive, ergonomic design.


Smart Control 3 home improvement“Innovation and design excellence is at the heart of the Samsung Smart Control, combining gesture-recognition with a new button console and touch pad to provide frequent Internet video users with more accurate content selection and faster focus movement,” says Lance Berger, Head of Product Marketing for TV/AV at Samsung Electronics South Africa.

Gesture your way between menus; use four directional buttons to select and access your content more accurately; flip from page to page on the touch pad, the way you would a book; and find web or video content speedily via voice interaction. The Smart Control also includes separate buttons for a ‘Multi-Link Screen’, a function enabling users to watch lots of content at the same time on a single screen, as well as ‘Soccer Mode’, allowing viewers to optimize viewing for sport.

“Innovation, voice and motion control, the design and intuitive features of the remote, are essential for the complete user experience,” says Berger.


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