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An air conditioner for your home building with a powerful cooling performance, cleaner air quality and built-in Wi-Fi capabilities…

With an innovative triangular design and Wi-Fi capabilities, the brand new Samsung Air Conditioner, AR09HSSFAWK, has just been launched. It is engineered to deliver exceptional cooling, comfort and hygienic benefits to your home building.

 Designed to be exceptionally efficient, the air conditioner’s unique design allows for a wider inlet and outlet as well as larger fans, ensuring that air is cooled and expelled faster, further and wider. Even so, it maintains a compact exterior profile.

Using an application on a smartphone, the Smart Wi-Fi function allows users to control the settings of the air conditioner remotely. That means, from any location with a wireless network, users can instantly turn the appliance on and off, as well as select the operating mode and temperature. The Smart Check automatic error-monitoring system even detects and diagnoses problems, and provides easy troubleshooting solutions using the app.

The air conditioner features the energy-efficient Digital Inverter Technology which maintains a desired temperature without having to frequently shut on and off, thereby saving electricity. Fast Cool mode cools the room quickly, and then automatically switches to Comfort Cool, maintaining the user’s desired temperature. The appliance also includes Virus Doctor and Easy Filter, eliminating dust, contaminants, allergens, bacteria and viruses.

“The unique design and cooling capabilities bring the ultimate in comfort to our customers, while embedded smart features ensure that this is a convenient smart appliance with a long lifespan,” says Michael McKechnie, Business Leader for Digital Air Solutions at Samsung Electronics South Africa. “That’s the definition of true innovation.”

Find out more about this product, learn about the heating benefits of air conditioners, or view all available air conditioners to purchase!

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