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Home automation systemModern-day homeowners meet the next big thing: home automation in your home design…

Huh? What is home automation anyway? Well, home automation enables you to use one or more devices to control basic home functions and features automatically, and even remotely via the Internet. More and more smart homes are beginning to pop up as more and more state of the art home automation products become available in South Africa, taking home building to a brand new level. From lighting and heating to security systems – here’s why it’s worth investing in:


Benefits of home automation

Complete control: Home automation gives homeowners complete control over their home technology and services. Homeowners can do this from a central system within their homes, or remotely by using wireless devices, such as tablets and smart phones, in any location with an Internet connection. For example, when you’re travelling, you can control your home’s chores, such as security, lighting and watering the garden, from the palm of your hand, without the need for a house sitter.
• Saves time: If you live a busy lifestyle, you are constantly running from place to place, working to accomplish everything on your never-ending “to-do” list. Due to the high-tech nature of a home automation system, you never have to worry about running home to check whether you’ve closed your garage door, or to turn on ovens and lights. You easily save precious time and allow for much more daily productivity.
home automation product Saves money: The most beneficial impact the system will have, is on your monthly utility bill. You will no longer have to spend money and waste precious electricity on appliances and lights left on in your family’s absence, because you can control when to switch them on and off remotely. Also, as home automation systems become increasingly popular, they’re also becoming more affordable.
• Increases peace of mind: For those who constantly worry about whether or not they have taken care of everything at home before leaving for the day, a home automation system is a perfect investment. You are able to see exactly what is going on at home without physically being there. Plus, you can turn on lights, or lock doors with the tap of your finger.


Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association (CEDIA) is the leading global authority in the home technology industry. CEDIA represents companies worldwide and serves industry professionals that manufacture, design, and integrate goods and services for the connected home. CEDIA provides access to industry-leading education, certification, research, and consumer awareness. CEDIA is the go-to home technology source for homeowners and professionals alike.

Compiled by Kayla Myburgh for Fix Shack’s Home Inspirations. Sources: Elas Africa, AVA Solutions, Control4, CEDIA, and Freshome.

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