Baths, brothels, the Bubonic plaque – the history of the lavatory wasn’t always so sanitary
A well-placed mirror can open up a room, alter a view, or reflect a little personality. A collection of mirrors offers a number of beneficial attributes, including reflecting light to make the space seem lighter, opening up a space and making it seem larger, and offering an intriguing and attractive focal point in the overall décor composition.
Ceramics are an integral part of the Geberit Group and the Rimfree® toilet is a revolutionary product and design that has completely eliminated the ceramic collar on the inside of the toilet bowl. Together with innovative flushing technology, this makes it ultra-hygienic, easy to clean and eco-friendly.
Leading sanitaryware, tile and flooring supplier, Bathroom Bizarre, is excited to be launching a brand new range of countertop basins. Says Blanche Burger from Bathroom Bizarre: “Boasting sleek, contemporary designs, the new basins can either sit on top of a vanity counter, or they can be installed so that they span the entire width of the vanity, negating the need for a separate countertop, for a truly seamless and streamlined aesthetic.”
In a strategic move to broaden its presence in the sanitary industry, the Geberit Group have expanded their product offering to include ceramics and bathroom furniture. In addition to their advanced plumbing and sanitary technologies, they now offer a full bathroom solution - both behind the wall and in front of the wall.