How to survive load shedding

Mr Power Solar Kit MRLoad shedding seems to be here to stay… and along with increasing electricity tariffs, the need to explore and invest in alternative ways to power your home and office has become a necessity.

The Mr. Power team would like to offer the following solutions on how to take your ‘proverbial’ power back during this infamous load shedding era.

When the power goes off unexpectedly – switch off (or unplug) all appliances immediately (either at the plug or electricity board). This will protect them from the surge of power when the electricity comes back on again. Pre-preparation – keep all your devices charged, pre-prepare meals and boil the kettle before load shedding is scheduled to start

R500-load-shedding budget:

 Keep an ample suppy of candles
 For more light, purchase a few emergency “plug-in” lights that will come on imediately if the power fails – keep a few plugged in around the house - ±R100 each
 Buy a few battery operated touch-lights that can be attached to walls and doors
 Invest in a good torch

R2000-load-shedding budget:

    Think camping: use a gas braai for cooking and heating outside.
    Have a Geyser Controller installed to pre-programme the geyser to heat prior to load shedding!
    Invest in a solar kit with up to four LED lights, keep it charged with direct sunlight and have light readily available at night.

Higher load-shedding budget:

    Another great option is buying a auto charger / inverter / battery unit as it is ideal to run your TV / Satellite unit, computers and even a low energy lamp for up to four hours = R5000 - R12000

For more advice and information on how to lighten your load, please visit MrPower or call the Mr. Power team directly on 011 804 2988.

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