Get water wise

Water saving shower head Water is a scarce resource globally and in South Africa this is no exception. With March being ‘Water saving month’ we should all actively play a part in conserving water.

“There is a huge misconception that going green is a costly exercise. This is not the case, and home owners can start by making small changes in their homes to improve their water consumption,” says Debra Retief, marketing manager at Tile Africa.

bathroom inspirations“Installing a water-saving showerhead is one of the easiest ways to improve water efficiency in your home,” says Retief.  A shower can use 20 litres of water every minute, resulting in over 80 litres of water being used for a four minute shower. If you use a water-saving showerhead a four minute shower can use approximately 32 litres of water thus saving on average 48 litres of water per shower.

Here are additional tips on how to improve water consumption in your home:

  • Dripping taps can waste about 90 litres of water, check regularly for any leaks in your home and fix them.
  • Replace older, larger-use toilets with the newer higher efficiency toilets. A dual flush toilet has a split flush button that gives you a choice of pressing the smaller button for a four litre flush, ideal for liquid waste, or the larger button for more substantial waste. Four times out of five you’ll only need to use the smaller button, giving you an average saving of three litres per flush.
  • Every bath you take uses an average of 80 litres of water. Opt for a short shower which uses less water and save the baths for special occasions. Another option is to install a new bath made from acrylic and the water will stay warmer longer, this will reduce the amount of times you top up with hot water.

Other ways of saving water include not leaving the tap open while brushing your teeth and washing only full loads in a washing machine.

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