Are you building a braai area or upgrading your patio and need to establish which products or tiles you’ll require for tiling your braai area?

Braai and patio makeovers

Get your braai and patio ready for summer and Heritage day in September – National Braai day!

Terrific topiaries

Create a unique garden design with topiaries…
Topiaries are decorative plants made by trimming, weaving or training plants and shrubs into just about any ornamental shape you desire. Invented by the early Romans, topiaries, big and small, often take the form of boxes, domes, squiggles or triangles. However, complicated shapes, such as elephants and unicorns are also possible after some practice, transforming your home garden with natural sculptures, or adding some elegant greenery to your home building’s indoors. There are three main types of topiaries: traditional, trained and sphagnum topiaries. Here’s what you need to know about each one:

Bonsai gardens

You can still have that gorgeous home garden in limited space!

Fragrant flowers