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 lavender1 home gardensCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack’s Home Inspirations. Sources: Homemakers Online, Witkoppen Wildflower Nursery and PlantZAfrica.

Dot some sweet smells around your home building’s foliage…

While gardens are designed primarily to add visual appeal to your home building, they’ll tantalise even more of your senses if you plant some fabulous fragrant flowers in them. Yes, roses will share sweet smells with your outdoor living space, but there are plenty of other plants you can choose too. Here they are:

 • Gardenia: Grown indoors or out, this evergreen shrub bears plenty of large, fragrant, flowers all summer long. Petals are either creamy-white or golden-yellow.

gardenia1 home gardenssweet pea home gardens

Sweet Pea: If planted in a warm, sunny spot, these plants produce beautifully-scented flowers in red, blue, lavender, pink or white.

Pink Sage: Fast-growing with multiple branches, this semi-deciduous shrub produces aromatic heart-shaped leaves that are pink-mauve in colour when planted in sun or semi-shade.

pink sage home gardensyest today home gardens

Yesterday, today and tomorrow: When planted in sun or partial shade, this shrub bears fragrant deep-mauve flowers which fade to lavender, and then to white.

Frangipani: Also known as the Hawaiian Lei flower, frangipanis are clusters of bright, waxy and long-lasting flowers that grow on shrubs or small trees in frost-free gardens.

frangipani-yellow-350 home gardenssweet garlic home gardens

Sweet Garlic: This is a slender, erect, evergreen plant that produces pink, mauve-pink or white tubular fragrant flowers in the rainfall season.

September bells: Just as the name suggests, these evergreen shrubs or trees, bearing scented, bell-shaped white flowers with pink speckles, are in full bloom in September.

sept bells home gardensstarry jasmine home gardens

Starry Wild Jasmine: A bushy climber with highly scented blooms all the way from late-winter to midsummer, this plant is a popular addition to home gardens.

Wild Rosemary: Highly aromatic, these shrubs have white or pink flowers during the rainy season. Then, long white hairs that look like cotton balls, develop in place of the flowers.

wild rosemary home gardenssweetalyssum8 home gardens

Sweet Alyssum: Known for its carpet of lightly-fragrant, white, rose, lavender or purple flowers, this plant is easy-to-grow and low-maintenance when planted in full or partial sun.

Lavender: Thriving in full sun, this plant has a lovely fragrance that is enhanced when it is planted in alkaline, chalky soil.

In order to enjoy your fragrant flowers’ pleasant scents, plant them at your garden gate, along the path to your front door, near your outdoor entertainment area, just outside your bedroom window or in hanging baskets on your patio.

Find all available plants to purchase, or locate your nearest landscaper!

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