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Home building wendy houseThe ultimate storage solution for all homeowners are Wendy Houses!

They can be used as tool / equipment sheds, garden sheds, a laundry room, kids play area, pool sheds, and whatever else you just have no space for in your home building! This is especially useful for people that live on smaller properties and have limited space. This is a space saving dream that can double into anything you require and you can have just about any product, fixture or fitting installed into it.

 Easy maintenance

• The wood should be treated roughly once a year depending on where the wooden unit is situated for example, in direct sunlight, exposure to rain and so forth. However, an initial treatment before installation should also be done.
• A sealant needs to be used on the wood to prevent warping, cracking and premature ageing.
• A colour option can also be used which protects the wood in the same way.
• The ground where the unit will be installed, should be treated against termites if need be.

Spoiled for choice

Wendy houses can be designed according to your specifications and needs. There are a variety of colours to choose from as well!

Wendy house manufacturers generally install and level the unit on bricks or stilts, the unit must be lifted off the ground even if it’s on a concrete base to get air moving under it to keep it dry and stand in water after it has rained.

A 21mm floor is used that can be painted or varnished.

There are different roofs available for Wendy homes but corrugated roofs are best for hail.

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What extra goodies can be installed?

• Shelving
• Toilets, baths, sinks
• Drainage
• Kitchen units
• Ceilings
• Dry wall
• Verandas
• Sliding doors
• Glass stained windows

Home garden wendy house with bath fixturesWendy house glass doorHome building verandaHome garden house with sliding doors

Security solutions for your storage unit

Most Wendy Houses are built with lockable doors. You can also incorporate a padlock with chains. Security gates / doors and burglar bars can also be installed onto your wooden storage unit.

National Building Regulations (NBR)

Small Wendy houses less than 10 metres squared can be erected without a building plan approval. However, if you are unsure contact your local municipality building control.

If your Wendy House is larger than 10 metres squared or your intentions are to use it for human habitation, you will require a building plan approval and the timber structure will need to meet the National Building Regulations (NBR) and South African National Standards (SANS) 10082:200 timber framed buildings. In addition, if you want to install any services such as plumbing, electricity, gas and so forth, you will need to submit plans to your local municipality and you will be required to use a registered contractor.

Written by Kayla Myburgh for Home Inspirations. Sources: Mark Theron from Wendy House Options (Wood Pioneers), Building Regulations, SANS and Gripseal.

Photograph credits: Wendy House Options and Wendys and Sheds.

Learn more about how to choose contractors, safety tips when building DIY or locate a registered contractor!

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