5 clay pot tips and tricks

Clay pot 2 home decorCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack. Source: HGTV.

Most gardens have a variety of clay pots scattered about the home building's landscaping design. Here are some tips for keeping your clay pots in tip top condition and extending their gardening uses.

Clay pot home decor

1. If salt deposits start forming on your clay pots, you can remove it by combining equal amounts of white vinegar, alcohol and water in a spray bottle, and squirting the mixture onto each pot while scrubbing its surface with a brush. Wait for the pots to dry before planting anything inside them.

2. Do you often find yourself rummaging through your home and garden shed for garden twine? You won’t continue losing it if you put the ball of twine inside a clay pot, pull the available end of the twine through the pot’s drainage hole, and turn the pot upside down somewhere in your garden.

3. When the weather turns frosty, turn little clay pots upside down and place them over your small plants to protect them.

4. If you find that your hosepipe is damaging your plants when you drag it along their beds, use clay pots to make a hose guide. Knock a steel reinforcing bar into the ground at the corner of your flower bed and slide two clay pots, facing one another, over the top.

5. Turn a large clay pot and saucer upside down to become a makeshift tea table for entertaining guests. When your tea party concludes, turn your saucer the right way up, and you have yourself a birdbath.

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