Take your shower outdoors

 Tile Africa Outdoor Shower pic 2 home gardensCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

Spend more time outdoors with this fabulous functional extension to your home.

Summer is here, so take advantage of the beautiful weather. One way to do so, an idea that is becoming increasingly popular, is to build an outdoor shower for your home. It’s perfectly convenient for rinsing off after a relaxing day at the poolside, or when wanting to wash away the day’s stress under the stars. But what should you consider when thinking about installing an outdoor shower? Liza Watermeyer, Retail and Display Coordinator at Tile Africa, has some handy hints.

Where, oh where is the water?

The first thing you need to think about, is where your shower’s water supply will come from. If you use your home’s plumbing, the shower needs to be positioned within close proximity to the house. A benefit of this choice is that the shower structure is more permanent. Also, “You can use the outdoor shower anytime, even on colder days as you’ll have access to hot water,” says Watermeyer.

 If you’d rather not use your home’s plumbing, you can use the garden hose, hooking it to a shower fixture. However, your shower will then be a cold water facility and it won’t be suitable to use in winter. See Amazing outdoor shower to learn how to build a shower that uses the garden hose.

Tile Africa Outdoor Shower pic 3 BathroomsExamine the conditions

Natural elements can take their toll on an outdoor shower. So, invest in fixtures that will endure salt, sand and sun. These fixtures should be both rot and mildew resistant. You’ll also need to carefully seal the area where the outdoor shower joins the house, and waterproof underneath any tiles you choose to fit in the shower space. Remember, when choosing shower tiles, avoid smooth and polished tiles – they should be textured to prevent slipping.

Design the drain

Soaps and shampoos threaten the natural environment, so fit a drain that directs water underground or into the main water waste system.

Slope the floor

Make sure that the shower floor slopes towards the drain so that water drains quickly and completely. If you’re laying a mortar bed, build the gradient into the mortar.

“This could be a great DIY project to tackle over the summer holidays,” says Watermeyer.

See Fix Shack's product directory for everything you need to build a beautiful outdoor shower.


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