Winter gardening

Winter garden Prepare your home garden so that it looks good next season!

Maintain your garden in winter as well as prep it for spring with these simple and easy tips and tricks:

How to prepare your garden for spring during the colder winter months

“Winter is the ideal time to protect your plants against the natural elements and to prepare your garden for the coming spring months.” Commented Richard Jnr Erasmus, General Manager of Lawnpro.


Most plants, but lawns in particular require Nitrogen to encourage leaf or foliar growth. More than 90% of all lawns in South Africa consist of warm season grasses. These types of grasses will include Kikuyu, LM or Berea, Cynodon or “Kweek” and St Augustine’s just to name a few. As the term “warm season grasses” suggests, these types of lawns tend to go dormant during the colder months and only flourish during the warmer months. During spring, summer and autumn, you can use fertilizers with higher nitrogen content to encourage as much leaf development and colour as possible. During the winter months, it is the ideal time to concentrate on everything below the soil. Use fertilizers with higher phosphate and potassium content. Phosphate aids in many plant processes but is primarily known for stimulating early root development and promoting early plant vigour as soon as we move into the spring months. Speak to your local nursery about what fertilizers they have available that have a higher phosphate and potassium content, or contact Lawnpro for more information.

Protect your flower beds

Place mulch down onto your flower beds as this will assist in moderating the soil temperature, limit the damage caused by frost in the root zone of the plant and also limit weed growth and development. Mulch should be mixed into the top 5-10cm of the soil. After you have mulched your flower beds, you can also apply a thin layer of bark chips or nuggets over the top of the soil. Not only is it very pleasing to the eye, it will also help to control the soil temperature. Most nurseries will sell mulch as well as bark chips.

Home garden barkHome garden mulch

Prune your trees and shrubs

Late winter is a great time to prune trees and shrubs. By pruning trees and shrubs you will also allow more sunlight into the garden, thus encouraging grass types that prefer more sunlight to get going a lot quicker during the spring months.

Dyeing your lawn green

If you really want your grass to look beautiful and lush even in winter; you could consider dyeing your lawn to look that way! By using a specialised lawn dye, you can now colour your lawn green by applying a pigment to the grass to give it a natural look. This process only takes minutes to do and lasts up to 13 weeks. You can speak to Lawnpro about how to colour your grass and this process can also be done DIY or the professionals can come do it for you.

Home garden deyingHome garden dyeHome garden Before and after

Other gardening tasks

Be prepared for the growing season! Get your lawn mower serviced, sharpen the blades of pruning shears and secateurs, sand and varnish your wooden decks, clean your gardening equipment, and whatever else may need tweaking before springtime!

Tools to look afterHome garden Lawn MowerHome garden Decking before an after

You can also plant certain flowers now in winter and your roses need pruning! Click here to read more on this.

Written by Kayla Myburgh for Home Inspirations. Sources: Richard Jnr Erasmus, GM for Lawnpro.

Photograph credits: Lawnpro.

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