A pool filter innovation

intelliflo-01 home poolCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

The most exciting innovation in energy efficiency for pools, the IntelliFlo VS Intelligent Variable Flow Pump, allows home building owners to enjoy a near-silent outdoor pool area as well as green building energy savings of up to 90%.

The IntelliFlo is a variable speed pump with an ultra-efficient permanent magnet motor, making it possible for users to select low speeds, and therefore dramatically reducing its energy consumption and noise levels. On top of that, the pool pump also lowers CO2 emissions, improves the filtration quality and the chlorination efficiency, as well as extends the time between backwashes and services.

IntelliFlo VS Intelligent Variable Flow Pump has been tested against international standards, is an Eco Select product, and has a warranty of three years. This product is available from The Pool Team’s retail stores throughout Gauteng.

For more information, see The Pool Team’s IntelliFlo VS Intelligent Variable Flow Pump.

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