Harvest water in a bench

 BencH20 home gardensCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

So much more than a bench, the Water Harvesting Storage BencH20, harvests and stores 800? of rain water, making it an attractive, utilitarian and eco-friendly addition to your home building's outdoor living area.

Available in 12 different colours, the bench is made from tough, durable plastic that is UV stabilised and corrosion resistant. It also comes complete with an inner algae liner which slows down algae build-up. Because the bench has a compact size, it easily fits into petite areas on your veranda, patio or next to your house.

 BencH20 2 home gardensWith an easily installation process, the DIY-enthusiast can undertake installing the bench on his or her own. The tank also has optional additional accessories, such as a Leaf Trap to catch the drain pipe’s debris, a Bench Pump to assist in the pressure flow of rain-harvested water, and a First Flush System which dumps the first ten litres of dirty water, allowing only clean water to enter the tank.

Locally manufactured and SABS approved, the Water Harvesting Storage BencH20 is available with a five-year guarantee from MorMar Products.

For more information, see Water Harvesting Bench.


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