Quality mobile Solar Lighting kits

 Eurolux solar kit home gardensCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack.

Eco-friendly lights for the outdoor enthusiast.

Designed with portability and ease of use in mind, the newly released Eurolux Solar Lighting Kits are just the product for outdoor enthusiasts, those working in remote areas without a stable electricity supply or even home owners preparing for power outages.

 The mobile kits include a selection of lamps geared to provide a specific amount of light, a solar panel, a battery pack, cables and inline switches, while some of the larger kits offer cell phone charging functionality too. Installation of the kits is quick and easy, although an instruction manual is included. Batteries are charged by placing the solar panel in direct sunlight for optimal charging; however, panels still charge in overcast weather. When fully charged, kits offer up to eight hours of light. Also included in the range, is a motion sensor lamp with a five meter, 360 degree range.

“A good portable solar lighting solution is lightweight enough to ensure easy carrying, compact enough to fit into your car or hiking bag and powerful enough to sufficiently charge the electronics you need,” says Shaun Bouchier, director at Eurolux. “Our new range delivers all that and more.”

The Eurolux Solar Lighting Kits are SABS approved, solar panels are backed by a 10 year warranty, and the fittings in each kit are under warranty for a year.

For more information, see Eurolux Solar Kit with Motion Sensing Range.


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