Grow your own food in a square metre

 stack-a-pot 3 home gardensCompiled by Daniella Favis for Fix Shack's Home Inspirations.

Growing green produce DIY has never been easier!

Where do you get your green produce? Thanks to the worldwide success of Stack-A-Pots, now available in Southern Africa, you no longer need to tend to space-demanding, time-consuming vegetable patches, nor do you need to traipse to and from the supermarket each day.

 Stack-a-pot home gardensStack-A-Pots from Growing Stacks allow you to grow your very own nutrient-rich, pesticide-free, organic produce in only a square metre of well-lit space, whether inside or outside your home building. Specifically designed for use in small or confined spaces, such as balconies, patios or small backyards, this product uses vertical space in an attractive way, allowing you to grow herbs, boutique vegetables, fruit, flowers and indoor plants DIY.

These unique, UV-stabilised pots also have a built-in water retaining feature which allows for your plants to receive all their necessary moisture and nutrients without the need to water them often. Fresh, DIY home-grown produce now requires very little effort!


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