Doctor's visits

Why check-ups are vital.


Feeling exhausted day after day? At bed time your mind is working overtime, no switch to turn it off; you eventually fall asleep but wake up repeatedly...The alarm sounds and you realise that the dismal cycle of dragging days start all over again. Yet another day with constantly tender and aching muscles over your entire body. Sounds familiar..? Let's have an "up close and personal" interview with Mr. Fibromyalgia.

PAIN – Why do we feel it and how do we manage it?

Pain is all about protection – we usually experience it as a result of an injury, and its function is mostly to protect our bodies from further damage and allow for healing to occur.
South Africa has the 8th highest suicide rate in the world with up to 8 000 people committing suicide each year.

The role of dentists

The role of dentists