The role of dentists


The role of dentists

In today's day and age with all the technological advancements happening on a daily basis and medical breakthroughs constantly astounding our imaginations. Dentistry is no different and is no longer the stereotypical filling, extraction, root canal therapy only. Dentistry has made its own advancements and followed in new trends due to the newest and latest social and Hollywood trends and its advancement with today's fast changing world.


For those of us cosmetically inclined dentists, we have come to love transforming our patients into the best version of them that they can be. Be it facial contouring dentures, or crowns, bridges and veneers to get that beautiful smile created specifically for you.


47% of people notice a persons smile first upon meeting, so naturally we aim to get that smile bright and white and picture perfect, specialising in several bleaching techniques and appropriate oral hygiene and dental habits to ensure your smile is your best feature. Your dentist is your best option and safest option to whiten your teeth and spoil yourself to a beautiful smile, there are many trends to do this at home, but it is advised to call and see your own professional and get guaranteed results.


Your smile is only but a part of your beauty, and age defying methods. Dentists are now also able to treat aging with carefully placed Botox and fillers, specific to your needs. Slimmer jaw lines, frown lines, gummy smiles and even therapeutic treatment of pain associated with clenching and grinding are common in today's stressful world.


Your dentist is your first stop to a beautiful you. Holistic treatment, improving your own beauty, and a giant leap to self confidence.


By Dr Tynan McArthur and Dr Leona Tsai from Crescent Dental. For more information, call 011-609-4985