Just a Word - February 2020

As your pastor, I don’t always get the opportunity to speak personally to each of you in our loving congregation here at Hillside. So this monthly letter: Just a Word, will not only serve as some information on what is up and coming in our community but also a time for me to reflect on my 15 years with you leading Hillside.


The Hebrew language is an extremely rich language. Jesus words, full of imagery, meaning and emotion.

The Picture Of Jesus

Article 23rd November 2016

Hillside DNA - Week 1 sermon - 15th January 2017

Hillside's DNA Who we are and what we are about
Week 1: Questioning and Lifestyle
15th January 2017 – by Rev' Brian Hutton

The Truth Will Set You Free

The truth shall set you free
I am not that naïve to think totally honesty at all times is best. Sometimes it is kind and wise not to tell the whole truth, but the more I look at our society and country these days the more I think Jesus was right. The truth shall set us free.