Missing God

missingGodI miss God  - 19th October 2016

I am not talking about the times when you feel God is silent or absent for a period in your life. Or you are begging for an answer or some direction or guidance specifically for this juncture. The above are all experiences we regularly (probably annually) feel as we journey through life.
But in this article I want to address those who are honest and raw enough to admit… they miss God.

Our church services don’t really grapple with such honesty. We usually go to church to be inspired, to be enlightened and encouraged for the week ahead, like God is our personal motivational speaker.
We go to church to get our faith revitalized and renewed, and these are all great.

I have met a few people recently who have trusted me enough to admit, they are in a place where they miss God. It hasn’t just been a weekend where the message didn’t reach or apply to their lives, as they watch other Christians who seem to have it all together and worship freely.
It is not a period of confusion or they are wrestling with a crisis or question. They simply miss God.
Like an ex-girlfriend or boyfriend you used to be intimate with and knew but no longer at present know, but now it is a little awkward, a little too much on the surface, a little shallow.

This article is for those willing to honesty admit they miss God, and just to say my prayers are with you, because that is what I needed to hear when I was there.
By Brian Hutton