The Truth Will Set You Free

truthFreeThe truth shall set you free
I am not that naïve to think totally honesty at all times is best. Sometimes it is kind and wise not to tell the whole truth, but the more I look at our society and country these days the more I think Jesus was right. The truth shall set us free.
Not media truth with a slant towards sensationalism. Not truth that is one sided and biased towards a particular political party.
Now I know truth depends on where you standing, I say 9 from my perspective and you say 6 from yours. But I think a commitment towards old time honesty might set us in the right direction.

And I suppose that starts with me and you. Becoming honest with ourselves, no bull, no “marketing” of the facts in shiny brochures and slick slogans.

So let’s start:

How are you, really?
How is your family?
How was 2016 as a year for you?
What are your thoughts about racism?
Honestly how deep is your relationship with God? How centered and spiritual are you?
How much debt are you in?
How depressed/positive are you?
How healthy are you?
Do you care?
May the answer of one of these set you free indeed.