The Picture Of Jesus

thirstArticle 23rd November 2016

Who we think Jesus is will determine the Christianity we live.
I love this quote. I found it hidden in a book I am reading at present called (un)Common good by Jim Wallis.  I have found it to be so true. Some well-meaning Christians with a skewed perspective of Jesus can do much harm in His name.

If we think that Jesus is just focused on the afterlife and eternity then we won’t care about how this world goes. If our faith is a ticket for the next life, then we will only focus on people’s salvation and not on bettering their lives now while they are here on earth. But if we believe one of the reasons Jesus came is to bring Heaven to Earth (See Lord’s prayer) then we will partnership with Jesus in bringing this Kingdom and peace and joy to this earth.

So here the clincher: what is your picture of Jesus? Is it graceful? Is it a meek and mild one? Is your picture of Jesus a revolutionary one? One that comes to disrupt and challenge?

What is your picture of Jesus? Because your answer will determine the Christianity you live.
Source: Wallis J 2014 Uncommon good Brazos Press