Top 10 South African Portable Air Conditioners

2015 was a scorching year for many South Africans. With the advent of El Nino we saw record temperatures throughout the country . Many of us turned to online shopping in the search of a portable air conditioner that could help us get through the heat. We have scoured online reviews and hot trends and found the best of the best that South Africans were buying in 2015. Read on to find out about some of the best portable units on the market. 

goldair10. GOLDAIR GPA-14000H. Providing both cooling and heating this unit can be used year round. Providing a large 3L water tank, and substantial power, no matter how hot it gets you will stay cool. Suitable for a variety of room sizes, you don’t have to worry about being too hot, this machine packs the power to cool air fast. With 3 settings to from high to low, you will easily find a setting to suit the time of year.

aaaa9. Prima - Portable Air Conditioner 12000 BTU. A comprehensive range of features really makes the Prima made portable air conditioner excel. With auto swing ability, cool air can reach all corners of the room. Weighing only 33kg, it beats many other air conditioners in terms of weight, making it easily portable if needed. With a washable filter you can extend the life time of the machine, and won’t be frustrated by other less well made machines that break easily. Ready to purchase at fantastic prices, you will receive a great product with all the necessary features you expect and need.

logitek 88. LOGIK 10,000btu Portable Air Conditioner. An A-Class energy rating makes the unit ideal for efficiency. Combined with a water tank, humid environments are no match. Perfectly cooling all rooms up to 18 square meters, you will receive a brilliant machine that’s easy to use and will leave you cool and refreshed all day and all night.

defy 77. DEFY ACP 12 H1. Coming with a range of filters aimed at keeping your house a comfortable temperature. The dehumidifying function will leave the room feeling fresh and the 12000 BTU will ensure no matter how hot it is, the air is crisp and cool.

An antibacterial filter will guarantee the air to be clean, giving you peace of mind. With a sleep mode available, you will not need to worry about any wasted energy, whilst also you will not be waking up in the middle of the night sweating. An all-round quality model from a professional company.

delonghi n125 hp 6.jpg6. DELONGHI N125 HP. It is rare to find a portable air conditioner that ticks all the boxes. With so many customizable options, if you require you can just dehumidify the air only, or provide a fan only output.

With 3 different fan speeds, you are able to control the noise level and the power required, turn it up if you want a cool room fast or down to maintain how it already is. Combined with handles and wheels it is easily portable, and can be placed in any room with minimal effort. All round a brilliant air conditioner.

bauer 55. 15000 BTU Bauer Portable. Considering South Africa has one of the hottest summers around, you will want something powerful to ensure consistent cooling. The 15000 BTU Bauer provides that, suitable for homes and offices, when combined with a programmable timer you can easily set it up to meet your needs. The 3 speed controls allow for easy customisation in levels of noise and speed. Combined with the built in dehumidifier and an alarm system for when the water tank is full, this model is perfect to tackle on the heat of South
African summers.

samsung alliance 44. Samsung Alliance Air Portable Air Conditioner. Requiring zero professional help for installing, the air conditioner gets to work fast, requiring only minutes before the room starts cooling properly.

Combining dehumidifying and efficient, this machine only uses 1.2 kilowatts, perfect for those wishing to save on energy bills but still want to benefit from a refreshing cool environment.

delonghi 33. DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioner CF210. Many units like to claim they are portable, but some can weigh over 100 pounds. The Delonghi CF210 actually delivers what you think when you read portable. A nice and compact unit, small wheels allows it to be easily pushed into different rooms. Just because it is small, does not mean it is not effective. The unit is surprisingly efficient in regulating the temperature of rooms, and with flexible controls, you can be confident you are getting another fantastic model by the reputable DeLonghi.

samsung 22. Samsung AF9000 Floor-standing AC with Digital Inverter Technology. With 3 independent triple fans facing the front of the unit, you will benefit from a balance of power and control. Cooling your room with an energy efficient design with significantly faster results than other models.

With there being 3 fans, you can independently control which you want active at one point, for fast cooling all 3 will provide results fast, whereas if you like to save energy you can maintain a cool temperature with only 1 fan active. The sleek design will add a nice feature to any home, and with Samsung’s reputation for quality, you know it’s built to last.

gmc 11. The GMC - GMCP10 , created by Gmc Aircon, is by far the clear winner for 2015 . This small portable air conditioner is the cheapest on the market currently and is backed up by a company with 20+ years experience in the industry. Check out some of their online reviews! You know when you purchase this model you will receive a quality unit. Consisting of an ultimate package and a range features, you will receive a built in dehumidifier, purifying fan and LED remote control features. Not only will this model keep the air cool, it will cleanse the air of impurities and create a healthier environment to surround yourself. Being energy efficient you don’t have to fear the rising cost of electricity bills. With a wash filter system you can easily clean and maintain your machine, lengthening the amount of use you get from your investment.