Total relaxation in a customised luxury bathroom – what GROHE SPA® is all about

1 GROHE Allure BrilliantA personalised spa experience adds great value to your quality of life, whether you are a career-minded professional with a young family or a world-wise ‘best-ager’

As the hectic pace of our everyday lives puts a lot of strain on our bodies and minds, we long for periods of calm and relaxation. Having a customised spa at home is just the ticket. A spa bathroom is available 24 hours a day and ensures a maximum of privacy. In contrast to public or commercial health centres or country clubs, a private spa is never overcrowded, its decor is exactly to your personal taste and preferences, and it offers the added benefit of knowing that you are only a few steps away from your cosy bedroom to snuggle up in afterwards.

Cross-generational appeal

A customised luxury bathroom is arguably the last private refuge in our otherwise totally networked and increasingly visible lives. The possibility of withdrawing from everyday stress is particularly appreciated by thirty-somethings who are finding themselves in a challenging phase of their lives. Now that they have successfully climbed the first steps of the career ladder, they need to juggle the demands of their family, their job and their own need for leisure. As they search for contemporary forms of relaxation in a home bathroom, they seek innovative technologies and versatile products that not only help them recharge their batteries but also deliver a personalised experience.

“No more compromises” is the motto of many people who have reached a more advanced age. This relates not least to their expectations of their personal fitness and well-being. Drawing on the experience gathered throughout their lives, they have clear ideas about how and where to realise their exacting aspirations. As a result, demographic change and the implications of social trends are clearly visible in modern bathrooms. People over 50 or 60 increasingly see themselves as ‘best-agers’ looking for self-fulfilment and new freedom, physical fitness or contemplation. This is why many of them use the opportunity to remodel their conventional bathroom into a spa bathroom once their offspring have flown the nest.

Quite obviously, there is a wide variety of motivations for creating a spa in your own home, differing from person to person and from generation to generation. Luckily, the wide range of GROHE SPA® products is at hand to fulfil any wish and convert any bathroom into a personalised oasis of well-being.

Personalised design

“What do I want my dream bathroom to look like?” is the most important question to ask before setting out to remodel a bathroom. Notwithstanding the current trend towards open-plan layouts, many people continue to believe that the bathroom should remain a space of privacy and seclusion. Most of us prefer to be able to close the door behind us when we enter our bathroom, indulge in me-time, and focus entirely on ourselves and our personal needs. Accordingly, the ambiance should be created with your preferences in mind and any technical equipment should be chosen to meet your personal needs and requirements.

The focus of any remodelling project should therefore be on creating an appealing design, ensuring the highest levels of comfort and installing technologies which enhance your well-being, while being easy to use and maintain at the same time. Decor and design are important considerations when it comes to expressing your individuality. The skill lies in planning an attractive scheme that ties together all the individual areas, from the basin to the bathtub and the shower. This task is made significantly simpler by the perfectly coordinated faucets and fittings of the GROHE SPA® lines. Whether you choose the classical elegance of GROHE Grandera™, the architecturally shaped lines of Allure, the sensual minimalism of GROHE Ondus® or the purist silhouette of Atrio, the variety of different designs and variants makes it easy to equip your bespoke bathroom with totally coordinated faucets and water fittings.

Pampering all the senses

While the bathtub represents the bathroom’s regeneration and relaxation zone, the shower also has a refreshing and revitalising function. A modern shower system comprising head, hand and side showers pampers the skin with its soothing spray patterns and loosens up tight muscles with a vigorous massaging action. For an even more luxurious shower, there is the GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe collection of modules devoted to the creation of a multi-sensory experience. Fill your shower with pleasant steam to cleanse your skin while listening to your favourite tunes for total relaxation of body and mind. To brighten your mood and pamper your soul, apps installed on your mobile device provides finger-tip control of the individual modules.
Maximum comfort and hygiene

Even the WC can play a special role in a bespoke spa bathroom. GROHE Sensia® IGS is a shower WC designed for easy and comfortable hygiene, which leaves you with a wonderfully fresh feeling every time. Here, too, customised comfort is the name of the game. Its touchscreen-based remote control unit lets you store four different shower profiles, which can be implemented at the touch of a button. Aside from the water temperature, the customisable settings include the intensity, position and duration of the spray as well as the heat setting for the air-drying function - it’s hard to imagine a more personalised hygiene routine.

Love of detail

Aesthetically pleasing accessories made of natural materials like wood, stone, glass and felt in warm pastel colours best complete the spa ambiance. High-quality GROHE SPA® bodycare products and scents, all of which are based on natural ingredients, top off the experience. Radiating warm light and exuding exotic aromas, scented candles create a pleasant atmosphere and help the mind relax. Rich lotions supply moisture for thirsty skin before wrapping the body in a cosy robe made of organically-grown cotton. Small details can make a world of difference.

A bespoke GROHE SPA® bathroom promises greater well-being across several generations - from thirty-somethings juggling their professional and family lives to world-wise ‘best-agers’.