Picking the perfect innerspring mattress

home inspirationsWondering how to choose the best innerspring mattress? Anton Odendaal from Rochester offers some insight into what to look out for when making your purchase decision.

Investing in a mattress is a serious commitment, says Anton Odendaal: “Getting a good night’s sleep depends on a lot of different factors – namely comfort, stress levels, and room temperature. However, in order to get the mix just right, it is essential that you have a good mattress to sleep on, as this is the first building block to a restful slumber.”

How often should you replace your mattress?

Ideally your mattress should be replaced every five to 10 years, says Anton: “I recommend that you replace your mattress every five years for assured restful sleep and comfort. If you consider that most people replace their vehicles every five years, even though cars cost a lot more than a mattress and you actually use it a lot less. Investing in a good quality mattress every five years is actually a really small price to pay towards added wellbeing.”

How to tell if you need a new mattress?

He says that since you are investing in years of quality sleep, it is imperative that you know what’s inside the mattress you are buying and how it will benefit your body while you sleep. “Even the most expensive mattresses are not designed to last forever. If you wake up in the morning with some lower back pain, and you can stretch and get rid of it in around 15 or 30 minutes, then you will know that you have either invested in an inappropriate mattress, or that your mattress is at the end of its lifespan,” Anton advises.

Choosing the best mattress for you

If you are looking to invest in a new mattress, or you have recently taken a stroll down the aisle of a bedding store, you will know that there is a dizzying array of mattress options to choose from. Says Anton: “Since the choice is so wide, it can often be a little overwhelming trying to sift the good from the bad.

Different springs explained

Anton explains: “Spring mattresses are by far the most popular choice of mattress in today’s market, largely due to their many benefits.”

There are three main types of spring coils, namely:

  • The bonnell spring mattress: Each coil is separate, and held together with a thin wire called helical lacing.
  • The pocket spring mattress: Are made up of a group of tempered coils, but the difference is that each spring has been individually inserted and sealed into a durable material pocket or sock. Each pocket is then fused to its neighbour to make up the mattress’s core.
  • The nested pocket spring mattress: Two “nested” coil springs in each pocket, instead of just one. The dual spring technology offers the advantage of providing varying degrees of hardness, as well as maximum support and durability. It can also carry more weight than the two other types of spring coils mentioned prior, whose maximum weight per person is 120kg, to accommodate people weighing up to 150kg each.”

Designed for comfort

In addition to your choice of coils, you should consider the type of materials used for the upholstered top layer of an innerspring mattress. While the coils provide support, this comfort layer augments the feel of the mattress, providing further comfort and cushioning. Anton advises that you should look for high-quality materials that conform to your body and are layered for extra comfort: “The comfort layers lie on top of the spring coils and they are what ultimately give the mattress that added bit of luxury.” He says that all the mattresses in the Revive range boast two premium quality comfort layers of foam covering the innersprings to ensure optimum support, durability and comfort.

Over and above the foam layers, you can choose to add further comfort layers for superior levels of luxury, such as PU Latex, which is available on the Revive Ultimate Support mattress for example, or Memory Foam, which is available in the Revive Gentle Embrace mattress. Says Anton: “Memory Foam is becoming increasingly popular, as it reduces burden on the body’s major pressure points, as it responds and contours accordingly to each individual’s body weight and shape. PU Latex is a synthetic rubber, which is well known for providing a very firm support that is uniform throughout the mattress. Unlike Memory Foam, PU Latex pushes back and in so doing, provides more back support.”

The advantages of spring mattresses

Spring mattresses offer a whole host of benefits, these include:

  • Durability: Innerspring mattresses are well known for their supreme durability. Pocket spring mattresses are even more durable as since each coil is enclosed, it prevents it from popping through the comfort layers.
  • Lightweight: A large proportion of innerspring mattresses are made up of air, so these kinds of mattresses are comparatively lightweight.
  • Cool: The high proportion of air in these mattresses ensures that they do not add to your existing body heat unlike Memory Foam mattresses do.
  • Minimum partner disturbance: Since the coils are isolated from their neighbours, innerspring mattresses boast independent suspension, which means that partner disturbance is almost entirely eliminated.
  • Turn-free pocket design: Boasting premium comfort layers of density high resilient foam and a pad of supportive foam, combined with pocket design, means that you never have to turn these mattresses as they persistently maintain their shape.

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