Motion furniture for the whole family

furniture home inspirationsToday’s recliners and motion suites have an ever-widening range of functionality and comfort, making them the perfect choice for a family household. Ryan Beattie, from La-Z-Boy South Africa, offers an overview on how the whole family can benefit from La-Z-Boy’s extensive range of seating options, ensuring there is something for everybody.

As a general trend, consumers are becoming more conscious of choosing furniture pieces that suit multiple purposes. So says Ryan Beattie: “Considering the price of quality furniture, it makes sense to choose seating that suits the needs of the whole family. Whether it’s dad watching sport, mom reading or breastfeeding, kids watching TV or gaming, or grandparents enjoying full lumbar support and high-lift features,” explains Ryan.

The wide range of seating options offers a multitude of benefits, making them ideal for a broad spectrum of users – these include:

One for the ladies

Traditionally regarded as the mans’ favorite chair in the house, there is newfound interest  received from women. “Recliners and motion suites have grown in popularity amongst the female market not only because of their comfort and health benefits, but also due to advancements in more elegant designs in a wide array of fabric and colour options that complement, rather than compromise the aesthetics of a space,” notes Ryan.

For many women, a welcome addition to the nursery as it offers support in all the right places, allowing moms to relax even when their hands are full. It has neck and back support which helps mothers maintain the correct position when breast-feeding, plush upholstered armrests that provide added support when holding baby for long periods, a wide seat for flexibility of position, accessible storage for various items needed for effective feeding, and the ability to rock and recline for when baby needs to be rocked to sleep or when they are in need of a nap.

Comfort and ease of use for avid gamers

For many people, gaming is a fun adrenaline-packed activity, but it can have physical repercussions, such as a stiff neck and shoulders or back pain, that can take away from the experience. Gamers can choose from 18 different positions to help combat competition-induced tension. On top of that, advancements in design has resulted in nifty features such as temperature controlled cup-holders that keep drinks cool while you are playing, and cubbyhole-like storage compartments for keeping controls neatly hidden away when not in use,” points out Ryan.

Lumber support for the elderly and back-pain sufferers

Recliners put the “golden” into “the golden years”, as it offers comfort and independence for the elderly who find it difficult to get into or out of chairs on their own. Most of the recliners are available in “riser” models that raise to meet you and then gently drop down to seat you, and visa-versa, allowing you to almost walk out of your chair.

For those suffering with back pain, the  recliners are specially sprung for optimum lumbar support for your entire body, whether sitting or reclining, and every position in-between. “Advanced features such as memory foam, duvet seat covers, calf support on the leg rests, and 180-degree reclining, helps relieve back pain by allowing your entire body to relax whilst being completely supported,” explains Ryan, noting that La-Z-Boy is endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.

Clever solutions for movie and sports enthusiasts

Recliners and furniture comes in a variety of configurations to enhance your TV room layout so that everyone can have an optimal viewing experience. “Homeowners can choose from single-seater recliners, two- and three-seaters, and even L-shaped suites,” says Ryan. He points out how you can easily transform reclining sectionals into theatre-like row seating simply by using a wedge console.

About La-Z-Boy in SA

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